Type Company: Startup Medical/Massage/Gym

Consult: Sales & Marketing Operations, Website Design & Administration

Company: Live Right Wellness Centers

Retained to help with website and oversee development. After realizing the oversee development team was creating something too hard to update easily, switched over development to Joomla! Was given title of Director of IT and also oversaw implementation of LAN, MindBodyOnline, and RingCentral. Also, was tasked to create agreements and assist with marketing both in print and online.

The company was trying to combine medical offices, with chiropractic offices, massage spa, and physical therapy. It was a startup that did not work out due to partner problems.

Type Company: Multi-level Marketing

Consult: Website Design and Administration

Was retained by MLM trainer to create website, which turned out to be successful and then cloned to work for downline and others interested. Site has many pages (100's), videos, articles and links. Advising, training, hosting, and updating software for the websites.

Type Company: Events, Internationally

Consult: Sales & Marketing Operations

Was retained by event company for consultive sales to gain companies as sponsors and participants in business summits. Re-designed event marketing materials to be more effective in email/PDF communications and gained Verizon IT, Northrop Grumman and others as event sponsors/participants.

Type Company: Medical Office Software (SaaS)

Consult: Sales & Marketing Operations, Website Design & Administration

Retained by Medical Office Solutions provider to provide consultive sales to medical professionals of Electronic Health Records (EHR), Practice Management (medical billing), Patient Scheduling, and Video-Based Telemedicine solutions. In addition to selling 80% of clients, was tasked to redesign and update websites, create marketing materials, refine legal documents, and Project Management of certification project.

Type Company: Medical Software (SaaS)

Consult: Sales & Marketing Operations, Website Evaluation

Was retained to provide consultive sales for online law office listing company. After learning of my abilities, developed entire online proposal system and then was re-tasked to be Client Success Manager. As Client Success Manager evaluated law office websites to determine what was needed to improve web presence.

Type Company: Medical Online Training

Consult: Sales & Marketing Operations, Website Design & Administration

Retained to provide consultive sales to medical personnel interested in Continuing Education credits. After learing about my abilities, in addtion to sales, completely redesigned the company website and integrated payment system for courses provided through Moodle course system. Also, redesigned course work with professional teaching staff.