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Consulting is performed for clients who want to make sure their website design and development (by others) is aligned with their goals. Many websites are ineffective because of the design or functionality. Having a website that performs for your goals is a lot better than having a pretty website. True?

When desiring a website, write down the purpose(s) for the website, who the visitors are projected to be, and starting goals. Purpose will define how a website is built and promoted. Goals will tell you if the site is accomplishing it's purpose(s).

Types of websites I've created/analyzed:

  • Company websites
  • E-commerce (online store) websites
  • Online Product information
  • Education websites with paid courses (Moodle) 
  • Informational websites with a lot of conteng
  • MLM websites

 Contact for more information or for an initial consultation 

Several years ago I started providing websites to small businesses. A client of mine had an advertising agency and he had me create websites for his clients incorporating his design into the websites. One website, an online luggage store, I created using SEO and it was picked up for an article in The Wall Street Journal before the agency had even done anything to promote it. Quite an accomplishment for a crowded field.

Another website created was on the subject of love. It was viewed in over 60 countries, and had a major website in India adopt it's content.

Web presence, or how you show up on the web/Internet is a growing field. As the options have grown, so has the complexity in deciding what is best for a business. Should you advertise on Facebook? LinkedIN? Bing? Google? Are your customers Googlers? Yelpers? on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIN, SnapChat? What is the best way to reach and retain?

Worked with several companies to boost sales and develop or revise marketing materials. Companies retained me for consultive sales and then because of my skills and knowledge was also assigned to revising or creating their marketing materials (including flyers, emails, Facebook, website, and brochures), reviewing and updating legal agreements, and improving their use of a customer relations management (CRM) system to be more efficient and effective.

Account management is about growing and nurturing a client so they increase their business with you, become a reference for you, and even become an evangilist for you. It is taking a customer (one transaction) and turning them into a client (many transactions and more). 

Personally, I have turned many customers into clients. Some examples:

Had a customer at a retail store who needed a computer. I not only sold him, but he turned into a client where he used my IT help in using the computer, setting up networks, training, and more. Since he had a public relations agency, he referred me out to his clients.

Customer at a retail location needed computer help. I provided him help and the customer grew into a client who used my services and advice for many years until his passing away. He purchased many times from me. He was Board of Directors member for USD, Alcoa, Transamerica and other companies.

Customer at a retail location needed a computer. Not only sold him computers over many years, also support, and

he had me create websites for his clients ... he had a advertising agency. He was a client until he passed away. For some of his clients I still provide sevices.

Clients have included:

  • Advertising Agency
  • Public Relations Agencies
  • President of Restaurant Chain
  • Boad of Director Member for Alcoa, Transamerica, USD and more
  • Managing Partners
  • Art Departments of Magazines
  • SMBs