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& G.O. Consulting



PO BOX 502383, San Diego, CA 92150

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Design of websites, social media campaigns, Print/PDF/Email marketing materials, organizational workflow processes, documents, proposals, training, articles, email campaigns, and even interior layouts and floorplans.



Consultive Sales - When you listen and then provide the best solutions for win, win, win!

Sales Operations Optimization - The easier it is for a sales force to work, the more they sell

Client Success Management - After the sale, making that client/customer evangilistic about your company

Website - Ideation & Conceptualization, Design & Development, Administration & Support and Marketing


Consultive Sales - Developed national accounts, largest sales, most sales from Fortune 500 on down to SMB

Sales Operations Optimization - Developed sales processes, sales materials, proposal formats, agreements, and more

Client Success Management - Increased clients success, and created referable, profitable clients for different companies

Website - Created company identity, e-commerce, educational and training sites seen worldwide and favorably reviewed

Management - Managed up to 146 staff as: Branch Manager, Territory Manager, Government Sales Manager, Restaurant Manager



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